New Grain Corns for 2013 Show Improvements

By Dorothy Noble

Continuing improvements in new grain corns deliver high yields, more drought tolerance and greater adaptability. The advancing technology also offers increased protection against insects and diseases.

The following new hybrids from Growmark FS, Mycogen and T.A. Seeds show promise for the coming season.

Growmark FS

Growmark's new grain corns include several technology traits that perform well in the Northeast.

Genuity VT Triple Pro

For the short-season market, Growmark's FS 3722VT3P produces outstanding yields. With strong stalks on this tall grain corn hybrid, it has excellent standability. The ears are large and showy. Test weight is good. The grain maturity is 87 days, 2,175 growing degree units (GDUs). The seedling growth rate is very good, and the good ear flex allows planting over a wider population range. The husks flare open to speed the very good grain drydown. FS 3722VT3P has shown very good drought tolerance. This Roundup Ready version also has a superior fall appearance. FS 3621XRR is available for refuge areas.

Growmark characterizes its FS 4027VT3P as the new high-yield pacesetter. This grain hybrid adapts to a wide range of soil types and fertility levels. Moreover, it produces well on heavier soils and reduced tillage. Standability and drought tolerance are excellent, and the test weight, seedling growth rate and grain drydown rate very good. This 90-day, 2,250-GDU corn variety can also follow corn. Its conventional version is FS 3926.

FS 4422VT3P also ranks as a performance powerhouse, with exceptional grain yields and strong stalks and roots. Additionally, the yield is stable over a broad range of environments. It flowers early with rapid grain drydown and ranks excellent in seedling growth rate and drought tolerance. Test weight is good. At 94 days to maturity and 2,350 GDUs, this grain hybrid responds to high inputs - push the population for maximum yields. FS 4321XRR is available for refuge areas.

FS 4828VT3P, Growmark's new workhorse with its 98-day, 2,450-GDU maturity, has shown excellent test weight and superior grain quality. With strong stalks and roots, plus wide adaptability, it too responds to high-input management. The population can be pushed for maximum yields. In addition, it has very good drought tolerance, grain drydown and seedling growth rate. FS 4727XRR is available for refuge areas, and the conventional version is FS 4727.

The powerful genetic package of FS 5525VT3P produces outstanding yields over a broad range of environments. Standability is excellent. The solid plant health package includes strong stalks and roots. The taller plant has good ear flex to allow planting across a wide population range. Further, seedling growth rate, grain drydown and drought tolerance are rated very good. Test weight rates good. For this Roundup Ready grain corn, FS 5424XRR is available for refuge acres. Grain maturity days number 105, with 2,625 GDUs.

With outstanding yield for its 112-day grain maturity at 2,800 GDUs, standability and strong late-season stalks, FS 6226VT3P sports a clean and bright appearance in the fall. It has a solid staygreen and plant health package, and ranks very good for test weight, seedling growth rate, grain drydown and drought tolerance. This Genuity VT Triple Pro hybrid does well in heavier soils, and responds to high inputs to deliver its maximum yield on good ground. It is an excellent choice for corn after corn. FS 6125XRR is available for refuge acres for this Roundup Ready grain corn.

FS 6321VT3P shows superior stress tolerance throughout its 113 grain maturity days with 2,825 GDUs. This versatile new high yielder is also stable over a broad range of environments. With excellent standability and drought tolerance, it has demonstrated strong stalks and roots. Seedling growth rate and test weight rate very good, and grain drydown rates good. This Roundup Ready hybrid is adapted to a wide range of soil types, plus good ear flex permits a wide population range. FS 6220XRR is available for refuge areas.

Genuity VT DoublePro RIB

Rugged and with strong agronomics, Growmark's FS 61R21VT2P excels in yields and standability. At 111 days until grain maturity and 2,775 GDUs, it has healthy late-season stalks and an attractive fall appearance. Its superior staygreen trait and plant health resists gray leaf spot. Drought tolerance, grain drydown, seedling growth rate and test weight all rank very good. It can handle heavier soils and reduced tillage, and adapts to later fall harvests. It is recommended where corn rootworm is not a concern.

Genuity SmartStax RIB

Another new grain hybrid for outstanding yields for the best ground, FS 46R26SS has an excellent rating for standability and test weight. Grain drydown, augmented by husk flare, is also excellent. Drought tolerance and seedling growth rate are very good as well. With new Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete technology, this Growmark corn also has a clean, bright fall appearance. Its grain matures in 96 days, with 2,400 GDUs. Genuity VT Double Pro RIB Complete version FS 46R26CT2P is available where corn rootworm is not a concern.

FS 58R28SS achieves exceptional yields with a real grain look. With strong late-season stalks and 108-day maturity at 2,700 GDUs, it features excellent standability. Its fast grain drydown, rated very good, reduces drying costs. Drought tolerance and seedling growth rate rank very good as well, and its test weight is good. The yield is also stable, and it responds to high-input management for maximum yields.

Growmark's FS 63R29SS has tremendous yield potential. It has excellent drought tolerance and outstanding test weight. With very good standability and stable yields in differing environments, its good ear flex allows a wide population range. The seedling growth rate and standability rank very good, and the grain drydown ranks well. Its grain maturity is 113 days, with 2,825 GDUs. FS 63R29VT2P is available where corn rootworm is not a concern. The Roundup Ready version is FS 6228XRR.


Mycogen's introductions for 2013 include Refuge Advanced powered by SmartStax hybrids. These traits promise competitive performance and overall value. Among Mycogen hybrids, the following look especially good for Pennsylvania, New York and other Northeast growers.

With its solid agronomic package with exceptional yield potential, 2R158 looked great across all of New York this year. This 83-day grain corn hybrid has strong roots and excellent stress tolerance. Its semi-flex ears support variable plant densities in high-yield environments. Mycogen Seeds notes that it performs best at moderate to moderate-high plant populations.

An 86-day hybrid, 2J238 performs best under conventional tillage systems. With very good fall health and plant intactness, it allows strong yields in late-season harvests. Plus, its solid stalks and roots support aggressive plant densities. In addition, Mycogen reports good husk cover for this grain corn hybrid.

Mycogen's 2T388 performs best at medium to medium-high plant populations. This 95-day hybrid works well in areas with high Goss's wilt pressure and soils with high pH. It provides consistent ear development and reliable yields. It has delivered impressive yields of grain corn in tough New York soils.

2T498 held up well in the 2012 drought. It shows strong performance in various environments and soil types. High-yielding, this 100-day Mycogen grain corn hybrid is widely adaptable. Its strong emergence and early vigor make it an excellent choice for early planting in all reduced-tillage applications.

With high yield potential, 2R549 should be placed in environments with good fertility for early harvests. It performs well in all crop rotations or in continuous corn in areas with medium-high to high populations. This medium-tall, 104-day grain hybrid has ears that fill to the tip.

T.A. Seeds

All T.A. Seeds undergo rigorous testing for Northeast and Pennsylvania conditions. In addition, diverse advanced technologies produce traits to perform under particular conditions.

Agrisure GT, Agrisure Viptera

TA533-18 with Agrisure GT and TA533-31 with Agrisure Viptera technology rank very high in yield. The first matures in 2,460 GDUs to black layer, the second measures 2,480. Ranking very high in standability, these hybrids have excellent stalks and roots. They have excellent resistance to northern corn leaf blight and common rust, and very good resistance to gray leaf spot. Both respond well in high populations. Also, emergence, drought tolerance and test weight rank highly.

Genuity VT Double Pro RIB, Genuity Double Pro

TA333-22DPRIB, with excellent yields, shows exceptional plant health and fall appearance. This hybrid has two modes of corn borer resistance and it includes Roundup Ready technology. Recommended as a grain, it also has silage potential. It rates very high in yield and high in emergence, drought tolerance, standability, staygreen/drydown, test weight, and resistance to gray leaf spot and common rust. Medium-tall with medium-high ears, it tolerates medium-high populations. This hybrid measures 2,160 GDUs to black layer.

TA683-22DPRIB includes Genuity VT Double Pro, RIB Complete and Roundup Ready technologies. Yield is consistently excellent. The GDUs to black layer are 2,740. With two modes of corn borer resistance, it also has high resistance to gray leaf spot, common rust and anthracnose leaf/stalk. Emergence and seedling growth, drought tolerance, standability and drydown and test weight receive high marks. This hybrid also has excellent fall intactness.

TA785-22DP and TA785-22DPRIB have Genuity VT Double Pro and Roundup Ready technology, and the latter also includes RIB Complete. Both excel in yield. These hybrids have dual-purpose potential, but are better as grain. The GDUs to black layer are 2,850. Emergence and seedling growth, drought tolerance, standability, staygreen and drydown and test weight are rated high. With semi-flex ears, their placement is medium. Plant height is medium as well. Population tolerance ranges from medium to high. Resistance to northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot is high.

The author is a writer-researcher specializing in agriculture. She currently resides in central Pennsylvania.