Art's Way Scientific Earns Modular Building Institute Award


For its innovative modular biomedical research building in the Bay Area of California, Art's Way Scientific has earned a Modular Building Institute (MBI) 2014 Award of Distinction.

With competition in over 30 categories, MBI's contest is the commercial modular industry's premier awards program. MBI is the international nonprofit trade association that has served the modular construction industry for more than 30 years.

"This project is an excellent example of the capability of our team," said Dan Palmer, president of Art's Way Scientific. "We are pleased that it has been chosen for this prestigious award."

The Art's Way construction won first place in the Permanent Modular Building Design category for health care facilities over 5,000 square feet.

Building entries are judged on architectural excellence, technical innovation and sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, including energy efficiency and calendar days to complete. The biomedical facility excelled in all three criteria.

The 21,324 square-foot facility was part of a major campus project. It consists of over 90 percent vivarium space with 24,000 cages. The building had to meet a variety of codes and standards as well as offer a pleasing, discreet appearance.

Constructing a modular in lieu of conventional methods cut costs by 10 percent and also reduced construction time by five months. The construction took only 378 days to complete. The design includes low-flow fixtures and recyclable caging, eliminating a cage wash to achieve an estimated water savings greater than 1 million gallons and $40,000 in energy costs annually. Delivery minimized disruption on campus. By going modular, the owner was able to continue its ongoing research while addressing their expanding need for animal space in a quick, cost-efficient way.