Kencove Farm Fence Supplies Acquires Forester Industries


Kencove Farm Fence Supplies, a leading manufacturer and distributor of agricultural fencing supplies, announced that it has acquired Forester Industries, LLC.
Forester Industries is the exclusive manufacturer of PasturePro fence products. Using a patented process, Forester Industries creates lighter, stronger wood-plastic composite posts for electric fence systems. Manufactured in Nevada, Missouri, PasturePro posts contain no fiberglass or PVC and are approved for use in certified organic food production and handling. Since 2005, the PasturePro post has been selected by industry professionals as a permanent fence post solution over metal T-posts and fiberglass rods.
Don Kendall, president of Kencove, said, "Kencove and Forester Industries share a common goal of providing great products and services to the agricultural community. Kencove is very excited to expand the distribution of the PasturePro posts, and we look forward to the future of this great fence post."
"Having Kencove as a customer for the last four years, we know their business and manufacturing abilities will enhance the PasturePro brand and products," said Forester Industries founder Steve Wheeler.
"I became a partner in the company eight years ago because I thought PasturePro was the best post for building high-tensile fence. I leave knowing that's still true, and I'm happy I can pick up the phone and order posts from Kencove--which is where we already purchase most of our fencing supplies--for all my future fence projects. I have found Kencove to be a great company to work with as both a customer and a manufacturer," said Steve Freeman, who will be returning to full-time grass farming.
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