Show Off Your Colors with Silhouette Bottles


Vetroelite introduced Silhouette syrup bottles. The beauty of the Silhouette bottle is best featured with two different-colored syrups side by side. Plastic and aluminum closures are available for all three models. Available colors are gold, black and white. Vetroelite also offers clear acetate box solutions to its clients.

The bottles come with 18, 24 or 28-millimeter closures, nominal capacities of 50, 100 or 200 milliliters, and brimful capacities of 57, 111 or 218 milliliters. The models weigh 120, 250 and 400 grams.

It's a great way to show your various grades of syrup. With new regulations comes new packaging. Pure maple grades are changing, and so should your packaging. People want more choices, and what better way to let your clients taste from a variety of grades. If you make more than one grade of maple syrup, here is a beautiful way to merchandise the bottles side by side, color by color. Great for wedding favors.

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