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New England Farmers Union, a member-driven organization, is committed to enhancing the quality of life for family farmers, fishermen, nurserymen, and their customers through educational opportunities, cooperative endeavors and civic engagement. NEFU actively engages in national agricultural policy.

NEFU was founded in 2006 as a charter member of the National Farmers Union (NFU), an agricultural advocacy organization founded in 1902 and based in Washington, D.C.

NEFU farmers and fishermen drive policy positions. Members engage New England elected officials and public agencies, pressing them to implement and enforce laws and regulations that will strengthen New England's agriculture and fisheries.

Legislators from our region look to NEFU when deciding how to vote on policies that will have an impact on issues such as:
  • Dairy: New England dairies are small and face different issues than dairy farms in other parts of the country. NEFU works with lawmakers to ensure that our region's dairy farmers have a voice in shaping policies that affect milk prices and regulations.
  • Direct Sales: New England farmers rely on sales directly to consumers and local food producers. NEFU fights to protect the economic viability of small-scale growers and producers.
  • Sustainability: New England farmers leverage resources from public agencies to develop sustainable practices that protect their long-term viability. NEFU educates legislators about how small investments in our region can have a significant impact on our food, the environment and our economy.
  • Conservation: From our coastlands to our mountains, New England abounds with natural resources and beauty. NEFU advocates for policies that preserve our rural and coastal landscape while enhancing our region's economic well-being.
  • Energy and Food Security: By promoting cooperative educational and business enterprises, NEFU works to ensure that our children will live in a region that can feed and fuel itself.
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