KlaTox Gel Supports During Digestive Discomfort


Vets Plus, Inc. has developed KlaTox Gel to provide support during digestive discomfort and disorders. KlaTox helps maintain intestinal health in large and small animals.

KlaTox contains attapulgite clay, hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate (HSCAS), and kaolin, which help to maintain a healthy digestive system in the animal during times of stress. KlaTox is a ready-to-use gel that is easy to feed; the 300-milliliter tube provides one convenient feeding for adult cattle. "The proprietary blend of ingredients in KlaTox Gel supports intestinal health during periods of stress," said Dr. Vijay Sasidharan, research and development director at Vets Plus. He added, "KlaTox is safe and effective for cattle. There is no withdrawal time and no need to withhold milk during its use." 

 VPI's products and procedures meet or exceed the highest standards in the animal health industry. "Each step of our manufacturing process is done with great care and in accordance with regulation to result in safe products for our customers," said Raj Lall, VPI president and CEO. "Like all of our products, KlaTox contains only AAFCO-approved ingredients and is highly effective. It supports the digestive and overall health of the animal, while also benefitting the producer's bottom line." 

KlaTox Gel can be found at your local animal health retailer. Consult your veterinarian before using KlaTox Gel.

For more information, visit www.vets-plus.com.