Patriot 2240 Class 2 Sprayer Delivers Total Application Control in a Smaller Package


Bigger isn't always better--particularly when it comes to getting equipment into the field. That's why the new Case IH Patriot 2240--a Class 2, self-propelled sprayer--is such an important addition to the Patriot sprayer line.

"The Patriot 2240 sprayer is smaller, lighter and offers a narrower track spacing than its larger family members and boasts more ground clearance than any competitive sprayer in its class. These attributes make it better suited for the owner-operator with specialty crops or smaller fields," says Mark Burns, Case IH application equipment marketing manager.

Case IH used the customer-driven design process to determine producer needs and married that information with current agriculture trends to develop the Patriot 2240.  The Patriot 2240 sprayer shares the same DNA as its larger siblings, the Patriot 3230, 3330 and 4430 self-propelled sprayers. For instance, it keeps the cab-forward, rear-engine configuration to ensure optimum weight distribution to minimize compaction or rutting potential, which is key when operators need to access wet fields during short spray windows. The trailing-link suspension offers a superb ride, and the three-speed hydrostatic transmission provides smooth, reliable shifting and efficient transfer of engine power to the ground. The Patriot 2240 offers big sprayer features like optional automatic boom section control, automatic boom height control, AFS AccuGuide autoguidance and the exclusive AIM Command spray system.

"Sprayer operators are always looking to improve equipment efficiency. The Patriot 2240 offers two boom lengths, two different plumbing configurations, a centrally located service center and a wide range of precision agriculture technology options, all of which are designed to provide a quality application and make the best use of your time in the field. Producers and commercial applicators can easily and quickly learn how to operate the Patriot 2240, plus be remarkably precise when spraying," says Burns.

The Patriot 2240 joins the Efficient Power family, delivering more productivity with less fuel. Fuel economy is another area where the Patriot 2240 shines. The new sprayer comes with a Tier 4A-compliant, 165 hp, 6.7-liter Case IH FPT engine. This selective catalytic reduction (SCR)-only system has already proven it can offer fuel savings of up to 10 percent over Tier 3 engines.

"Our SCR-only system is proprietary and protected by over a half-dozen patents. It's been a huge success, and reaction from our customers has been very positive, so we're pleased to offer SCR on the Patriot 2240 sprayer," says Burns.

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