Portable Hot End System Improves Connection Process


FlushTec announced the introduction of its Hot End System. Designed with the maple sugar industry in mind, this portable unit quickly heats the ends of sap collection tubing in seconds. The heated tubing opening expands slightly, and the walls become more flexible for a short time. The heated portion of the tubing slides easily over barbed connectors by hand, with an instant, irreversible grip. As the tubing continues to cool, it contracts and conforms to the shape of the fitting, creating a strong and leak-proof connection.

The lightweight (4-pound), portable system is contained in a durable, custom pouch complete with adjustable belt, quick-release buckle, and option to tie down to the leg. The system is adaptable to right-handed or left-handed use and rides comfortably on the hip out of the way of fittings pouches.

The 12-volt rechargeable battery ensures up to 10 hours of continuous work time per charge, fast start-up (four minutes) and rapid recovery times (five to 10 seconds). The well-insulated heating chamber is thermostat-controlled and fuse-protected, ensuring reliable temperature control in the working range. The heating solution is naturally occurring glycerin, a commonly used food additive and sweetener. Glycerin's "oil and water" relationship with the tubing keeps residue  after immersion to a minimum while providing some beneficial bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties to the connection.

FlushTec is a U.S.-based company with manufacturing in California and various products sold in over 60 countries. Their maple industry-related research center is located at the East Hill Farm in Guilford, Vt. FlushTec is committed to building with American labor and components wherever possible.

To learn more, call 802-254-8201 or visit www.flushtec.com.