Farmer Boy AG Adds Prima Tech Vaccinators and Syringes to Product Line


Farmer Boy AG announced the addition of Prima Tech vaccinators and syringes to the expanding inventory. Customers will now have more options and information available when learning about and purchasing vet supplies.

Prima Tech Adjustable Vaccinators are light, durable syringes that offer the user improved efficiency and exceptional economy. They feature the versatility of a fully adjustable dose dial, a quick-change Luer-lock needle nut, medical-grade tubing, and draw-offs.

The patented Prima Marc Adjustable Vaccinator simultaneously marks and injects. It is designed to maximize your productivity. The pivoting spray holder allows more user flexibility to put the mark where you want it.

Prima Tech Auto-Fill Bottle Mount Adjustable Syringes have a new, advanced design that makes them more comfortable and easy to use. The ergonomic handle with patented spring tension easily adjusts to each user and conditions. Some of the features and benefits include a large dosage adjuster to change dosage easily and a universal needle cup that fits a Luer-spec needle. The syringe's rugged construction makes it a great choice to handle any need.

For more information on Prima Tech supplies, contact the Farmer Boy AG sales department at 800-845-3374.