Liphatech Introduces Revolver Rodenticide


Liphatech, Inc. continues to provide biosecurity and disease prevention programs with the most advanced rodenticide: Revolver Soft Bait.

Liphatech's no-wax soft bait, known for its superior knockdown of mice and rats, is now available in a single-feed bromadiolone formulation, Revolver. Presented in a 12-gram pouch and made with food-grade grains and oils, Revolver produces an aroma that attracts rodents away from competing food sources. It does not melt in high temperatures or lose its palatability in cold environments.

Soft bait pouches of Revolver Rodenticide are easy to use and allow tailored dosing to control heavy rodent infestations or as a monitoring bait, saving integrators money and bait waste. The pouch can also be used like a conventional mini-block anchored in a bait station, or end users can strategically place its unique presentation in hard-to-reach places where mini-blocks will not fit, targeting where rodents live and reproduce. Revolver soft bait provides integrators with almost twice as many placements per pail as competitive mini-block pails, making it the low-cost rotation partner when switching to a bromadiolone rodenticide.
Rodents consume Revolver instead of scattering it, saving integrators the time and labor costs of cleanup. Revolver soft bait's pouches are registered in all 50 states, and are available in 8-pound or 16-pound pails.
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