New York FFA Gets American-Made Duck for Fundraiser


The New York FFA Foundation, located at the Oswegatchie Educational Center in Croghan, N.Y., has doubled down on their duck-related efforts. Oswegatchie has held a rubber duck race for the past 18 years. With the success of that program, a new opportunity has started.

In 2011, Oswegatchie had maxed out its "AdironDuck Race" sales and needed to increase flock size. In their efforts to have a new 10,000-duck flock created, they discovered the option to have a "100% Made in America" Duck created. While a cheaper duck was purchased for racing, the foundation that owns Oswegatchie decided that the "Made in America" duck might be a good fundraiser.

Partnering with a company called "CelebriDucks," the organizations set out to have 100% of this duck made domestically. Everything from design, packaging, modeling, and manufacture was done inside our nation's borders. The end product is a superior duck made with safe non-lead, non-phthalate, and BPA-free vinyl product.
"This is the duck you want your child to have in the bath tub," says Jim Cooke, a retired engineer from the Bayer Corp. who helped with the due diligence process in finding new ducks.

The New York FFA Foundation has received two flocks from CelebriDucks. The first batch had blue wings, and only 100 of these prototypes were made. After some adjustments, the second flock of 1,000 ducks has arrived and has been on sale since October 15, 2012.

"The duck retails for $20, which is expensive compared to most other ducks manufactured overseas, but this duck is 100% American, meaning the cost of production was higher," says Todd Lighthall, the executive director of the New York FFA Foundation. "All profits from this duck will be used to support New York FFA members who are learning about agriculture and leadership. These teens will be agriculture's most valuable resource."

If you are interested in learning more about the "FFA Duck," go to To learn more about the AdironDuck Race held in Croghan every April, go to