AgriLabs Announces Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Award Winners


        Dr. Bill Swafford, AgriLabs Technical Services, will present the winners of the AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Awards at the opening ceremonies of the 45th Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.

        These inaugural awards honor Dr. Bruce Wren, a long-time AgriLabs Technical Services veterinarian, and recognize Dr. Wren's lifelong commitment to practical and formal continuing education for veterinarians. These grants seek to encourage veterinarians working with beef or dairy cattle who have expressed a desire to expand their skills and knowledge to further develop skills within their field of expertise in veterinary practice.

        The selections were managed by a committee headed by Dr. Gatz Riddell, AABP []. "These awards will facilitate Dr. Wren's efforts by encouraging veterinarians to identify and participate in professional-development opportunities that enable them to be the best they can be within their profession and to better serve their clients and industry," remarked Jim Glassford, AgriLabs Vice President of Marketing.

        The $5,000 grants will make possible the professional continuing education proposals outlined in the applications. Proposals concentrated on either Individual Animal Medicine, to enable further knowledge and skills in basic animal medicine (diagnosis, treatment, surgery, case management, pain management or patient welfare) or Production Medicine and the development or implementation of herd protocols to enhance health and profitability (records analysis, disease prevention, production enhancement, benchmarking, bio-security or food safety).

        Dr. David Hudson won the Dairy Continuing Education Award and the award will allow him to attend continuing education classes to expand his knowledge of dairy nutrition, mastitis prevention/treatment, and fetal sexing.  Dr. Hudson remarked that a "better understanding of mastitis treatment/prevention would allow me to help decrease the prevalence of mastitis at the dairy. This would directly correlate to lower somatic cell counts, decrease clinical cases of mastitis, and increased milk production, increasing the overall revenue for the dairy. Dairy nutrition is an integral part to any dairy's bottom line and I feel a better understanding of this could only help me become a better veterinarian."  Dr. Hudson works for Canton Veterinary Clinic in Palmyra, MO.

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