NH Ag History Workshop for Educators, Oct. 11


        We are teaming up to offer a workshop for educators on NH Agricultural History.  Please help us spread the word to classroom teachers, homeschooling parents, youth group leaders and others.
New Hampshire History: Our Agricultural Legacy
Thursday, October 11, 4-6:30 pm. at the New Hampshire Farm Museum, Milton NH
        Have you ever wondered why there are stonewalls scattered throughout the woods of New Hampshire? Do you know why wolves no longer live in the Granite State? When and why were the large brick buildings constructed in Keene, Dover and many other riverfront communities? The answers are related to NH's agricultural history.
        Often without knowing it, we are surrounded by clues to the agricultural past of our state. Join us as we use sheep and wool production as one example of an agricultural industry that impacted our state in dramatic and lasting ways. Meet some Merino sheep, discover how their type of wool caused "sheep mania" during the early-mid 1800's, learn simple ways to spin wool into yarn and practice other hands-on activities that will make history come alive for your students. Activities will address social studies standards, but can also be integrated into math, language arts and science lessons.
        Our Price: $25/person; $20/person if registering two or more teachers from the same school, or for members of NH Farm Museum.

        Pre-registration is required.  Contact us at nhaitc@nhfarmbureu.org to register.