NNY Farm Disaster Preparedness Workshops-April 16, 17


        The Cornell Cooperative Extension associations of Northern New York are offering Extension's new Farm Disaster Preparedness workshops. The training will help farmers prevent and prepare for accidents involving farm vehicles on the road, on-farm fires or structure collapse, agricultural products storage, and storm damage.
        All types and size of farms, including dairy farms, are invited to attend this training in Keeseville at the Au Sable Valley Grange on Monday, April 16 from 9am to 4pm, in Watertown at Cornell Cooperative Extension Jefferson County on Tuesday, April 17, 9 am - 3:30 pm.
        Dealing with livestock injuries and biosecurity issues and reducing the opportunity for on-farm crime are also part of the workshop agenda.
        Cornell Cooperative Extension Essex County Executive Director Anita Deming says, "These workshops cover potential problems on the farm and provide recommendations for preventing or minimizing impact. The goal is to avoid problems or reduce the cost of dealing with them."
        "This new training will help farmers increase their resilience to small and large disaster through planning and management readiness," says Cornell Cooperative Extension Jefferson County Community Educator Art Baderman.
        Farms that complete the Farm Disaster Preparedness Certificate training will receive a dated certificate to provide to their insurer as a condition of eligibility for receiving a credit, discount or preferred status. The value of the credit or discount will vary according to individual policies and policyholder circumstances. Discounts will go to policyholder participants, but all farmers are welcome to attend the training.
        The program fee for each workshop is $35 and includes lunch and information materials.
        Preregistration for the Keeseville workshop is requested by April 13; contact Sharon or Judy at 518-962-4810 x0 or email essex@cornell.edu.
        The April 17 workshop in Watertown at Cornell Cooperative Extension Jefferson County is open to farmers and will also be a train-the-trainer program for educators wishing to use the Farm Disaster Preparedness workshop curriculum. Pre-register by April 13 with Donna at 315-788-8450, dkw7@cornell.edu.