Kickstarting the Butcher Shop at Sugar Mountain Farm


        On March 30th, 2012 at crowd sourcing platform is launching a project to help crowd fund the final stages of construction of the on-farm USDA/State inspected butcher shop at Sugar Mountain Farm.

        The Jeffries family has been all naturally raising pastured pigs since 2003 on their  farm in West Topsham, Vermont, selling their fine meat year round on their weekly delivery route to individuals, stores and restaurants from Brattleboro to Burlington. In 2008 when their butcher announced he was retiring they realized they must create their own facility to ensure the viability of their farm.

        Working with the USDA and Vermont Agency of Agriculture the Jeffries got their permits and commenced construction using their savings and farm's cash flow. Banks weren't lending in the economic downturn so the family turned to customers who eagerly supported the goal of bringing on-farm slaughter, butchering and smoking to Sugar Mountain Farm. CSA Pre-Buys, customer, personal and vendor loans have all brought the building to 90% completion.

        As the Jeffries wait for winter's snow and ice to melt so they can begin the home stretch of construction this spring they have launched a Kickstarter crowd source funding project to help pay for equipment and final materials. This will allow them to open for cutting meat under state inspection come summer. Once they have their Vermont state license they will apply for the federal meat inspection license with the USDA to allow for deliveries to their customers outside of Vermont.

        On-farm processing is a win-win-win. It means improved humane handling for the animals as they won't have to make the long trip to the distant meat processor. It will save gas reducing the farm's carbon footprint and keep jobs local. By gaining control over the processing the Jeffries will be able to offer specialty cuts and creative charcuterie to their customers.

        For a preview of the Kickstarting the Butcher Shop at Sugar Mountain Farm project see

Post launch that link will go to the real Kickstarter project page where links for pledging will be active. At the bottom of that page is an explanation of how the Kickstarter crowd funding platform functions.

For further information, questions and interviews about the Sugar Mountain Farm, the butcher shop and kickstarter project contact:

Walter Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm
252 Riddle Pond Road
West Topsham, VT 05086
(802) 439-6462

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