Organic Orchardist/Author Offering NH Holistic Orchard Workshop, May 19


        The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire is hosting a workshop for current and aspiring orchardists with renowned organic apple grower and author, Michael Phillips. His new book, "The Holistic Orchard", has won many accolades and was recently named one of the top five books in 2011 by the American Horticultural Society. This is an all-day, hands-on, intensive workshop. It will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2012, at the homestead orchard at Maple Frost Farm, 277 Holden Hill Road, Langdon, NH.

        Registration cost is $65 for NOFA members/$75 for non-members. If you are a part of the NOFA NH Beginner Farmer program, scholarships are also available. This workshop is limited to 40 participants. Registrations will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so register now before space runs out.

        May is an excellent time, during the Spring bloom and petal fall period, to identify the insect and disease dynamics faced by New England growers. Michael will discuss the key role fungal duff management and optimal nutrition plays for fruit trees and woodsy berries and will introduce a holistic spray schedule that supports overall system health.

        The core paradigm for this hands-on, day-long workshop centers on orchard health and the subtleties of a biodiverse ecosystem that make organic fruit-growing possible. Michael will share varietal and rootstock choices across the fruit spectrum - from apples to pears to peaches to cherries to berries - along with mulch and pruning instruction to manage them properly. The day will end with a celebration of the living orchard. This workshop is guaranteed to be informative, educational, fun and immediately applicable.

        For more information and to register, contact Jack Mastrianni at or call 603-835-6488