New MDL Ag-Door Line from Stubbe's Precast


        Stubbe's Precast has added a new line of fiberglass doors to its our ever-expanding line of plastic and PVC liners. The new MDL Ag-Door line features fiberglass door and composite edging, composite jambs, composite sill, stainless steel hinges and door sizes of 36 and 42 inches.

        These doors are manufactured to meet the requirements of the ag industry, with no exposed wood to rot, and no steel to rust. PVC jambs and sills, along stainless steel hinges ensure longevity in any harsh environment. Composite and fiberglass surfaces meet and/or exceed biosecurity and HACCP requirements.

Stubbe's Precast
30 Muir Line.
New Durham ON N0E 1E0
(519) 424-2183

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