New Total Plant System Drill from Crust Buster


Drill a variety of seeds and maintain a constant Depth Control with the versatility of a three point.  Crust Buster / Speed King announces their new Total Plant System Drill which is equipped with a planter-style cast opener and Crust Buster's exclusive and versatile Wobble Slot single seed placement volumetric meter for the ability to plant many different kinds of seeds into either no-till or conventional seed beds.

The planter-style opener has a big blade/little blade configuration for narrow Curf, which leads to superior seed-to-soil contact.  A single gauge press wheel gauges depth and controls blowout for even emergence.

Total Plant is equipped easily adjustable parallel linkage engineered with 10" of travel to create constant down-pressure throughout its operating range.

For more information, see us at or call us at 620-277-7106.

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