Farming Magazine - June, 2013


Dairy Equipment & Products

Advancing Alternatives

Dairy ventilation curtain packages are available in four basic styles: roll-up, drop-down, multidirection and pass-by. Also offers fabric and wind control systems., 877-546-2257

Bob-White Systems

Products include milking, processing and storage equipment; cheese and butter making supplies; everything needed to care for and feed dairy animals; and more., 802-763-2777


The VMS voluntary milking system features a hydraulic robot arm, dedicated teat preparation cup, four optical milk monitors and stainless steel manger., 816-891-7700


The Vertablend vertical self-propelled TMR mixer is available in 155 and 250-cubic-foot stationary units and 42, 55 and 95-cubic-foot portable units.



With a Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed System you can grow healthy, fresh feed every day for your dairy herd while saving over 50 percent of your feed costs., 800-201-3414

Gabel Belting

Reclaimed used rubber conveyor belt for rubber flooring in dairy and horse operations. Steel cables keep the rubber from stretching and buckling., 716-496-6025

GEA Farm Technologies

The MIone can be expanded to a Multibox-System with up to five milking boxes. The system can easily be integrated into existing barn layouts., 877-973-2479

Keystone Concrete

Keystone Concrete manufactures precast concrete, hog and cattle slats, bunker silos, H and J-style bunks, posts and beams, and box culverts., 888-539-2361

Lambert Peat Moss

Long-fibered sphagnum peat moss provides clean, comfortable footing with excellent absorption and convenient waste disposal and compostability., 888-632-8808

Mud Lake Stalls

Custom-builds free stalls, tie stalls, head locks and feed rails. Supplies cow beds, curtains, barn fans, round bale feeders, waterers, bale spears and more., 315-344-2251


Milk coolers are built of polished stainless steel, featuring double-wall construction and the Temp-Plate heat transfer surface for maximum cooling power., 800-MUELLER

Munks' Mfg.

The Livestock Sling from Munks' Mfg. aids in getting an animal to its feet; regaining proper circulation and eating/drinking habits; and restoring normal bodily functions., 800-377-9454

Organic Valley

Regional production and distribution means customers get the delicious, high-quality, fresh product they enjoy, while supporting farmers close to home., 888-444-6455

Renaissance Nutrition

REN~O Organic Calf Starter provides an essential protein level to ensure good skeletal and muscular growth. Added fat provides extra energy., 800-346-3649

Ryder Supply

Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds literally float pressure points, promoting circulation to the udder and helping to prevent swollen hocks and knees., 717-263-9111

Snyder Industries

Offering a large stock of tanks manufactured for liquid storage and transport, both vertical and horizontal, as well as pumps, hoses and quick-couple fittings., 800-706-5060

Vermont DHIA

Testing and record-keeping services. Find out the level of milk production and components, as well as track your herd's health and reproductive information., 800-639-8067