Farming Magazine - January, 2014


Seed Roundup

King's AgriSeeds

King's AgriSeeds specializes in forage crop seed for a diversified, high-energy, high-forage ration. Products include summer annuals, winter annuals, cover crops, perennial pasture mixes, perennial grasses and Masters Choice corn hybrids. The company is excited to announce several new products for 2014:

  • KingFisher Secure Branch-Rooted Alfalfa - High resistance to pathogens and a branch-rooted trait give this alfalfa greater tolerance of poorly drained soils and secure anchoring during winter freeze-thaw cycles. This will replace the branch and taprooted KingFisher 444.
  • 4010 Spring Forage Peas - This high-quality purple forage pea is a good companion crop with oats or triticale. It performs best in cool weather.
  • AF 7102 Forage Sorghum - A new short-season brachytic dwarf with improved agronomics that features 85 to 89 days to soft dough stage.
  • AF 7202 Forage Sorghum - A new midseason brachytic dwarf with excellent forage quality and agronomics, featuring 90 to 95 days to soft dough stage.
  • AS 9302 Sudangrass - A brand-new gene 6 medium-maturity sudangrass. It has the brachytic dwarf trait, which provides ideal standability. Excellent for dry hay and rotational grazing, it is dry-stalked for quick dry-down and has exceptional regrowth.
  • There are also many new Masters Choice hybrids.

  •, 717-687-6224

Rupp Seeds

As Rupp Seeds enters its 68th year of business, it is offering new products that growers will be able to plant this growing season. For 2014, Rupp has added nearly 50 new varieties to its commercial vegetable seed catalog. These new products include beans, corn, kale, lettuce, peppers, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, watermelon and others.

A new green summer squash is Payload. This eye-appealing, glossy zucchini variety delivers a uniform shape. It offers a robust disease resistance package - cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, watermelon mosaic virus and zucchini yellow mosaic virus - to protect quality and yield. Payload also provides growers with an open plant and reduced spines, which aids in an easier harvest.

Rally is an outstanding tomato from a quality perspective with good flavor. The smooth, uniform fruit are large and extra-large, globe-shaped and very firm. Rally has excellent color for the mature green and vine-ripe markets. The plants are determinate and medium to tall in height and benefit from light to no pruning. Rally features an important combination of TYLCV intermediate resistance and fusarium crown and root rot resistance.

Tribeca is an 8 to 10-ounce tomato with firm fruit, beautiful shoulder quality and intense red interior. The eating quality is fantastic for fresh market use. Tribeca performed very well in Rupp's trials over the last two seasons, with last year being hot and dry and this season providing cooler conditions., 800-700-1199

Renaissance Nutrition

Renaissance Nutrition can offer you quality, research-tested seed, from corn hybrids for any farm requirements to small grains, grasses, alfalfa, triticale, seed mixes and more. Additionally, the company carries a line of preservatives and inoculants that can make a difference to the quality of your ensiled forages until feed-out. In the last year, the company introduced the new REN-YIELD Dry product, which is a growth stimulant based on enzymes and microbes. It helps all your seed products to get a jump on growth with more advanced root growth, as well as aiding the end results with improved productivity to impact your bottom-line profitability., 814-793-2113

Preferred Seed

Preferred Seed developed the distinctive Forage EXTRA logo to identify top-performing forage varieties for the Northeast dairy and livestock farmer. The company's goal continues to be supplying its customers with the best available forage varieties of all legume and grass species, both perennial and annual, that have the potential to produce top yields of high-quality feed.

To accomplish this goal, Preferred Seed makes a significant investment in research. Through independent testing, improved varieties are selected that perform well in feed value, palatability, digestibility and yield. After the standards have been met, the seed is retested. Individual varieties are packaged in proprietary branded bags and shipped directly to the warehouse in Buffalo, N.Y. Forage mixes are accurately blended in the company's production facility. These mixes are then packaged with the Forage EXTRA logo - proof that they have endured rigorous testing.

The company offers pasture mixes, hay mixtures, alfalfa, clover, timothy, annual forage, forage grasses, organic products, inoculants and custom mixing., 716-895-7333