Farming Magazine - December, 2013


Maple Equipment & Products

Bacon Farm Maple Products

Provides automatic draw-offs, canner/finishers, evaporators, filter presses and syrup draw-off tanks, reverse osmosis machines and sugaring supplies., 866-792-7351

Bacon Jug Co.

Offers HDPE maple syrup jugs in 3.4-ounce, 8-ounce, 16-ounce, 32-ounce, 64-ounce and 1-gallon sizes., 603-444-1050

Bennett's Maple Products

Helps sugar makers set up new operations, offers GPS mapping of sugar bushes and is a CDL dealer. Covers Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.


Burch Bottle & Packaging

Supplying glass, plastic and metal packaging to the maple industry for over 25 years. Custom package design is available., 800-903-2830

Catskill Mountain Maple

Cornell-tested Zap-Bac antimicrobial sap spouts can increase sap production by 70 percent. Spouts are designed with ion technology specifically for maple., 607-746-6215


Designed for high-vacuum operations, Maxflow 5/16-inch fittings eliminate micro leaks from parting lines and maintain a firm grip on the tubing., 800-762-5587

Countryside Hardware

Products include an assortment of glass and plastic containers, labels and tags, filtering and canning supplies, buckets, spouts and more., 315-852-3326

Goodrich's Maple Farm

The Sap Puller Pump 200G is a gasoline-powered unit that is great to use where there is no electrical access. Ideal for smaller producers., 800-639-1854

Indiana Vacuum

Vacuum systems for the maple industry include the 53 CFM, 3 hp electric unit, which is oil-sealed and features 29 inches of vacuum capacity., 765-653-5108

Justus Asthalter Maple Syrup

Authorized dealers for Sugarhill containers, with a fully stocked inventory of glass and plastic products. Also carries Leader Evaporator products., 845-292-8569


The Hurricane Force 5 evaporator has variable-speed blowers that allow you to control the evaporation rate to best suit the sap quality and concentration., 802-868-2328

Marathon Machine

Sap Meister stainless steel spouts are solid, simple and sanitary. The quick-disconnect system offers fast, leak-proof, indestructible connections., 715-257-1023

Marcland Instruments

Auto draw-off systems, thermometers, refractometers, pH meters, color grade meters, barometers, level alarms, stainless valves and fittings, and more., 518-532-7922

Merrifield Farm

Evaporators, equipment and supplies. Dealers for Lapierre USA, Dominion & Grimm, Maple Pro, CDL and Marcland.


Shaver-Hill Maple

Distributor for Leader Evaporator with a fully stocked showroom. Offers a variety of maple products, along with new and used equipment., 607-652-6792

Suga Country Products

A fully stocked showroom is open year-round. Evaporators are on display, along with a large variety of fittings, glassware, tubing and more., 207-923-3355

Sugarhill Containers

Plastic containers with a proprietary classic shape in a full range of sizes with colorful printed labels. Custom label design is available., 413-863-2222

Sunrise Metal Shop

Provides energy-efficient products for everyone from hobbyists to commercial producers. Quality maple syrup equipment since 1971.


Wendel's Maple

Lots of tubing and main line in stock. Authorized dealer for Leader Evaporator, Marcland, Indiana Vacuum, Sugarhill Containers, Wes Fab and more.